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Virtualisation is a key component of the Adaptive Enterprise that enables a business to pool and share IT resources so utilisation is optimised and supply automatically meets demand. To move from previously historical vertical infrastructure to horizontal pools of resources, enterprises need to virtualise their IT infrastructure.

The logical functions of IT elements are separated from physical functions (for example, processor, memory, I/O, controllers, disks and switches). This means that servers, storage and network devices can be aggregated into independent pools of resources. By pooling the server, storage, networking and other devices that form the customer’s infrastructure and sharing these resources across applications and business processes, virtualisation enables a rapid response to change – from variations in business workloads to strategic shifts in the business, markets or customer base.

A virtualised infrastructure provides these benefits:

  • People, processes and technology are focused on service levels
  • Capacity is allocated dynamically
  • The entire infrastructure is simplified and flexible
  • A utility or Pay per use (PPU) model is enabled for IT services

Prestige Data Centre Solutions can provide it’s customers with virtualization technologies around:

  • Server virtualization
    • HP-UX 11i servers utilising partitioning, instant capacity, clustering and pay-per-use
    • HP Integrity virtual machines
    • VMWare Server Virtualization for the Proliant range of servers
  • Storage virtualisation
    • Array based storage, such as HP EVA and EMC Clarion
    • Network based storage, such as network attached servers file servers (NAS)
  • Network virtualisation
    • HP ProCurve
    • Cisco Catalyst

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