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Multi-Vendor Support (MVS)

Nation-Wide Multi-Vendor Support for all your enterprise IT resources

Prestige MVS is a leading independent provider of multi-vendor enterprise support to organisations with local AND remote facilities. With two decades of specialist experience in HP, SUN, Fujitsu, IBM, Cisco and HDS support, we have an unrivalled capacity built on reducing operating costs and simplifying IT maintenance administration for our customers.

All Prestige MVS services are delivered through a single-point-of-contact utilising the comprehensive range of skills and resources with two dedicated 24x7 service centres.

Prestige MVS has two decades of specialist UNIX hardware and software support experience. We provide an independent, multi-vendor, IT infrastructure support & maintenance service that covers workstations, datacentre, server & storage device maintenance and 3rd party products.

Independent Multi-Vendor Enterprise Support

Prestige MVS offers an unrivalled level of service and technical ability across all our support levels and applications. Backed by a call tracking system to monitor and report your calls, built in escalation procedures that guarantee resolution and also monitor any problem through each and every issue.

Prestige MVS has 30+ field engineers, 10+ internal technical support engineers, 10+ installation engineers and two 24:7 call centres to deal with support calls. This experience is all invested in providing better than vendor service, whatever the level of support employed.

Spares Policy

Prestige MVS only carry Original Equipment Vendor parts which are fully supported and recognised by the OEM. Each component is tested before being placed in to a spares location.

The key to effectively supporting and maintaining a complex, multi-vendor IT environment, dispersed across many locations, is centralised information and management.

Better Performance, Better Fix Times

Prestige MVS can compete directly with OEM’s by providing a more reliable, comprehensive and flexible independent multi-vendor hardware and software support service.

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